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Calling All Volunteers!


Do you have a hankering to get out of the house and volunteer in some way?  Are you just itching to get your hands on some nomination forms or membership records?  Do you have talents galore and just need an outlet for them…say…a Spring Convention for example?

Well, today is your lucky day!  ASCLS-Idaho needs oodles of volunteers to step up and keep this organization running.  We have committees by the dozens that need to be chaired by somebody…hopefully you…plus lots and lots of odds and ends that need doing.

Here are just a few of the things on our “To Do” list.  Check them out and see if you can help us out in some way then loosen up those shoulder muscles and raise your hand high and I can just about guarantee that we will pick you!  So go ahead…CLICK ON ONE…I dare you!

Serve on a committee

Share your talents

Submit an article for the FOCUS Newsletter

Submit a post for the ASCLS-ID Website

Chair the Spring Convention

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