CE Organizer (P.A.C.E.)






Claim your Credits


After you have gone to all the work of registering for an event, attending that event and taking thorough notes at that event…the last thing you want to do is forget to claim your P.A.C.E. credits!

Remember, following an event,  you only have 30 days to claim your P.A.C.E credits online with the CE Organizer…so hurry…go do it right now!

For CE Organizer, there are now 2 different logins. One for members, and one for nonmembers. Please select the correct log in based on your membership status. Members must use the link found inside the “If you are an ASCLS Member Click Here” text box.

***** ASCLS has made changes to software recently in April 2016 and all of the passwords for ASCLS.org, the new Member Community (members.ascls.org), and CE Organizer (ceorganizer.ascls.org) have been reset to your ASCLS member number*****

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