Legislative Symposium


ASCLS-Idaho Legislative Symposium


If you can only attend one function this year, this should be it.  It will change your life.  The Legislative Symposium informs and educates about the decisions that are being made in Washington and how these decisions will impact our lives and our jobs right here in Idaho.

The Symposium is held early in the Spring.  Three P.A.C.E. credits are available for all who attend.  Lunch is included in your registration fee.  Debbie Shell is our resident expert and always prepares an excellent presentation.


2018 ASCLS-Idaho Legislative Symposium

March 24, 2018          1:00pm-4:00pm          

St Luke’s Magic Valley


Please join us for the 2018 ASCLS-Idaho Legislative Symposium.  Phylis King and Debbie Shell will share with us:

    • PAMA Medicare Reimbursement Update
    • Nursing Equivalency to MLS degree
    • Workforce
    • Laboratory Developed Tests
    • Progress we have made with our Licensure Bill
    • Plus much more!

Lunch is included in your registration.  Registrations postmarked by March 17th will avoid the late fee…so stick it in the mail today!

Download the Registration Form Here


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