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The Things You Need

ASCLS strives to be a valuable resource for our members. These resources include everything from educational materials to tools for strengthening our state society, the ASCLS Connection blog to the Online Store.  There is something for the MLS student as well as the New Professional.  We have included links to just a few of the resources found on the ASCLS website but I’m sure if you snoop around over there, you will be sure to find many more things you need!

The ASCLS Connection:

The ASCLS Connection is the official blog for the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. This blog will serve as a source for important society information as well as an opportunity to hear the opinions of members. We will be providing regular updates on state news, committees, upcoming events, member highlights, and provide-the-face moments. Members are encouraged to submit posts on topics. To do so, you must be logged in to the website, then click on “Member Blog” to start your own article or “Leave Comment” to comment on an existing article. We hope you will enjoy this new form of communication and look forward to any feedback!

Online Education:

ASCLS knows how busy medical laboratory scientists are. We also know the importance you place on high-quality, up-to-the-minute education.  To those ends, we have developed several opportunities for you to manage your time and get the education you want, when and where you want it.  ASCLS has recorded several sessions from our Annual Meeting and has partnered with leading educational providers to provide online learning, webcasts and teleconferences – the education most requested by our members. And, of course, P.A.C.E. ® credits are available for most offerings

Information for the New Graduate:

As a medical laboratory science senior or new graduate, you probably have questions about employment opportunities, salary expectations, relocating to another state and many other topics. For your convenience, we have gathered a number of brief columns in which experts in clinical laboratory management, education, and laboratory practice address some of the most frequently asked questions.  This can be the place to find some answers to those questions.

Online Store:

Membership in ASCLS give you access to all kinds of learning and teaching materials available through the ASCLS online store.  You can find everything from posters to books to articles.  The BOC Study Guide is available for students looking to take their certification exam.  Laboratories can find National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week materials to spice up their celebration.  For every shopaholic out there, the ASCLS Online Store is a must.

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