Contact Your Legislators







Contact Your Legislators


Licensure is a wonderful idea but in order to make it a reality, we need to get the people with the power on board with it as well. Those people are our legislators.  We need to contact our legislators and let them know that we think licensure is important for Idaho.   We need to invite them to come to our labs and see exactly what it is we do.  We need to let them know how important WE are to the health care of Idaho.

From time to time, ASCLS-Idaho will put out a Call to Action, a request for our members to send letters and emails to their legislators, alerting them to important issues regarding licensure and other issues.  We will usually include a form letter that simply needs to be personalized in some way and sent on to your legislators.  Email is fine but letters are also acceptable.  Use these links to find out who your legislators are and how you can contact them  and let them know you are on board!

ArrowTo find out who your legislators are and which District you live in you can LOOK HERE


ArrowTo find out your legislators contact information you can LOOK HERE

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