Rake Up Boise

Rake Up Boise 2016Get out of the Lab...

..and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We know that each and every day you are in the lab, making a difference in the lives of our patients. But…we want to encourage you to take a day…say November 12th for instance…and get OUT OF THE LAB and make a difference in our community.  Sign up now and join ASCLS-Idaho as we Rake Up Boise!

Get your Volunteer Attire Here!

Our new volunteer T-shirts that say “Medical Laboratory Scientist: Out of the Lab and Making a Difference” on the front and then “Medical Laboratory Scientist: Back in the Lab and Making a Difference” on the back will be available for purchase soon.  The T-shirts will be blue.  All those who join us for Rake Up Boise can purchase the T-Shirt for half off the retail price. That’s just $6!     Won’t we look snazzy in our matching T-Shirts?

Get all the details about registering as a volunteer and ordering  your T-shirt HERE.

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