The Committee

Brave Souls


You need to be pretty brave to volunteer to serve on the Convention Planning Committee.  Each of these dedicated individuals found the courage to make the JUMP! and get involved.  They certainly managed to take the 2018 ASCLS-Idaho Spring Convention to a whole new level!

Just like making a JUMP!, the Spring Convention doesn’t just happen overnight.  It is the product of countless hours of planning mixed with a little blood, sweat, and tears from many dedicated individuals all working together to make this thrilling event a reality.  We wish to thank all of these wonderful people for their bravery, efforts and commitment.

Feel free to contact any member of the committee if you have questions, comments or suggestions.


Convention Committee Members

o   General Chair:                    Susan Morris           

o   Program:                             Diana Thompson    

o   Program:                             Hollie Bearce           

o   Exhibits:                              Debbie Shell            

o   Sponsorship:                      Mary Cobos             

o   Publicity:                            Diane Stumpf          

o   Registration:                      Debbie Russell        

o   Social:                                  Nikki Kern               

o   Social:                                  Kate DeAngelo        

o   Finance:                               Susan Morris          

o   PACE:                                  Marj Montanus       

o   Scientific Assembly:         Hollie Bearce           

o   Awards:                               Rachel Hulse           

o   Student Rep:                      Christian Keech     

o  Professional Affairs:          Chris DeAngelo      

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