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We have all kinds of thrilling things planned for the 2018 ASCLS-Idaho Spring Convention.  The schedule is jam-packed with well-informed speakers, fabulous sessions, and spectacular vendor exhibits!  And the best part is that you can get the entire schedule on your mobile device!  Download the Events XD Mobile App and search for ASCLS-Idaho to get the schedule at your fingertips.  Take a peek and plan your week!

Click on the various session numbers to get more information about that particular session.


10:00am-12:00pm · Board Meeting:  Juniper
12:00-1:00pm · Registration:  Foyer
1:00-1:15pm · Welcome:  Cedar
1:15-2:45pm · Opening Keynote:  Cedar
2:45-3:00pm · Networking Break:  Foyer
3:00-4:30pm · Session A1:  Juniper, Session A2:  Aspen
4:30-6:00 · Networking Vendor Session:  Oak
6:15-7:15pm · Snake River Canyon Networking Reception
7:15-9:00pm · No-Host Networking Dinner Groups:  Sign up to go to dinner with a group of your choice 

7:00-8:00am · Yoga
7:00-8:00am · Registration:  Foyer
8:00-9:15am · Networking Vendor Breakfast:  Oak
9:15-9:30am · Welcome:  Cedar
9:30-10:30am · Friday Keynote Address:  Cedar
10:30-11:00am · Networking Break with Vendors
11:00-12:30pm · Session B1:  CedarSession B2:  Juniper, Session B3:  Aspen
12:30-2:00pm · Networking Lunch with Vendors:  Oak
2:00-3:30pm · Session B4:  Cedar, Session B5:  Juniper, Session B6:  Aspen
3:30-5:30pm · Choice of Networking Activity Sessions:

  • Hike on Canyon Rim Trail
  • Kindness Rocks
  • Perrine Bridge base jumpers and Visitor’s Center
  • Networking Chat Time – Red Lion Lounge
6:00-8:30pm · Awards Banquet:  Oak

7:30-9:00am · Registration and Breakfast:  Foyer
8:00-9:00am · Educator’s Forum:  Aspen
8:00-9:00am · New Professional Forum: Life After College:  Juniper
9:15-10:15am · ISU Graduate Presentations:  Cedar
10:15-10:30am · Networking Break:  Foyer
10:30-12:00am · Session C1:  Juniper, Session C2:  Asepn
12:00-1:45pm · Business Luncheon:  Oak
2:00-3:30pm · Scientific Assembly:  Cedar and Juniper


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