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Accept the Challenge!


We thought about challenging each of you to jump off the Perrine Bridge while at our JUMP! convention but we realized there is a skill far more terrifying, yet so vitally important, for a laboratory professional to learn.  So…our challenge for you…one we are sure you will find paralyzing and absolutely terrifying… is to actually mix and mingle with people…new people…and do a little networking while you are at our convention. Do you accept our challenge?

Professional networking involves using personal, professional, academic or familial contacts to achieve career goals, assist with a job search, improve your expertise about your current professional specialty, or learn more about another specialty area you’d like to work in. Networking can be a good way to hear about job opportunities or get an “in” at the organization you’d like to work in. Whether you just graduated or have already started in your career, the best thing you can do for long-term career success is build a network of advocates.

Professional networking really does work! It’s important to have a viable network in place throughout your career, and to use your network to your advantage when problem solving in your current position, or when job searching or exploring new career options. Building your professional network should be something you are always working on. And our convention is the perfect place to get started. In fact…to give you a little incentive to accept our challenge and to make that JUMP!…we will be offering CASH Prizes!


Expand your professional networking contacts at the 2018 ASCLS ID convention, and get entered into drawings to win cash prizes.

Over the course of our convention there will be many Designated Networking Opportunities…DNO for short…to earn tickets…tickets that can be entered for the prize drawings.  There will be five…count ’em…five chances to win cash prizes!  The first rule is that  you MUST be present to win!  Tickets remain in the drawing pool throughout the convention…so the more you network, the greater your chances of winning will be!

Drawings will be held at the following events:

  • Thursday afternoon Vendor session – $50 drawing
  • Friday Breakfast Vendor Session- $50 drawing
  • Friday Lunch Vendor session – $50 drawing
  • Friday evening Banquet – $100 drawing
  • Saturday Scientific Assembly session – $150 drawing

Remember…you must be present to win!

Designated Networking Opportunity:

Attend each of these official Designated Networking Opportunities and make it even easier and enjoyable to meet new professional contacts:

  • Thursday afternoon vendor session
  • Thursday evening Reception at Elevation 486 on the Canyon Rim
  • Thursday evening Networking Dinner Groups – sign up to go out to a local restaurant with a group of new friends – at least 2 that are new contacts
  • Friday morning Yoga
  • Friday morning vendor breakfast session
  • Friday afternoon vendor lunch session
  • Friday afternoon Networking Activity Sessions – choice of activities to do while getting to know new contacts
    • Hike on Canyon Rim Trail
    • Kindness Rocks
    • Perrine Bridge base jumpers and Visitor’s Center
    • Networking Chat Time – Red Lion Lounge
  • Saturday ISU Educators Forum
  • Saturday New Professionals Forum:  Life After College
  • ASCLS-Idaho Business Lunch

How to get entries to the drawings:

  • Attend  the vendor sessions – 1 ticket each session
  • Exchange business cards with new contacts
    – collect five new vendor cards – 1 ticket
    – collect five new student cards – 1 ticket
    – collect five new lab professionals cards – 1 ticket
    -collect five more for another ticket
  • Attend Canyon Rim reception at Elevation 486 – 1 ticket
  • Lab Science Bingo games at Canyon Rim reception
    -5 in a row Bingo – 1 ticket
    -Blackout Bingo – 5 tickets
  • Sign up to go out to dinner Thursday with a group that includes 2 new contacts – 1 ticket
  • Participate in one of the Friday Networking Activity Sessions – 2 tickets
  • Students who apply to be selected as a Lab Science Quiz Game contestant Friday evening – 1 ticket
  • Winner of Lab Science Quiz Game – 5 tickets
  • Attend Friday evening banquet – 1 ticket
  • Attend Saturday Educators Forum – 1 ticket
  • Attend Life After College  new professional forum – 1 ticket
  • Attend ASCLS-Idaho Business Lunch – 1 ticket
  • Attend Scientific Assembly session – 1 ticket


Rules of Engagement:

  • Must be present at the drawing to win
  • Tickets remain in the drawing pool throughout the convention
  • Business card contacts must be a new acquaintance – Cannot be a current co-worker or classmate at your same site

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