Starts Tomorrow!

The Best Of FallThe Best of Fall…STARTS TOMORROW!


Join us Friday, November 13th, at the Meridian campus for an interesting lecture…and pizza party…both provided by Dr. Nancy Kois, MD! Dr. Kois will be speaking on Genomics and Nanotechnology.  The event starts Friday evening at 5:30 in Room 686 of the ISU Health Sciences Center, Meridian.

Then…Saturday morning at 10:00 am…we have the chance to Rake Up Boise! We have been assigned 5 houses to clean up and have been given 75 bags to fill!  We could definitely use some helpers…you know what they say?  Many hands make light work!  Meet us at the back parking lot of the St. Luke’s Reference Lab…with rake in tow…and we will make this happen!

For questions, please contact one of the following people:

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