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ASCLS-Idaho Needs…You!


ASCLS-Idaho is an amazing organization that does amazing things but without you…it means nothing.

Board members and committee members work hard all year long to pull together a boatload of seminars, symposiums and conventions but…unless you register and participate in these functions, all that work is for nothing.  We need you to participate in ASCLS-Idaho and trust me…it will be worth it!

So if it’s alright with you…we’ve saved a spot just for you at the next function!  All we need you to do is click on the link below to get the registration process started…so go ahead…you can do it…I know you can!

Register for ASCLS-Idaho Spring Convention 

Register for the ASCLS-Idaho Leadership Retreat

Register for the ASCLS-Idaho Legislative Symposium

Register for IMSS

Register for the ASCLS Annual Meeting

Contact your Legislators about Licensure


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