Become a leader in ASCLS-Idaho






Become a Leader in ASCLS-Idaho


Do you see yourself as a natural born leader?  Do you have a knack with people, numbers or organization?  Or perhaps you just want to give the journalist inside yourself free reign!

Well…we are always looking for fresh, new talent to add to the pool of amazing leaders in ASCLS-Idaho and you may be just the person we need to help ASCLS-Idaho move forward into the future stronger than ever.

If you are interested in taking your involvement in ASCLS-Idaho to the next level, click on the Board position that suits your fancy and let us know so we can get you nominated in time for the next spring elections.

I want to be a Board Member!

I want to be the Secretary!

I want to be the Treasurer!

I want to be the Editor!

I want to be President!

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