Message From Our Region VIII Director


I hope you’re all enjoying the change of seasons as we close out the summer of 2016 and look ahead to the winter months. Autumn is a glorious time of year when the trees put on their annual display of reds, oranges, and yellows. In ASCLS, the autumn months mean a new year is underway and it’s that time again to get your state societies actively working towards accomplishing your goals. One of those activities that everyone needs to be involved in right now is membership renewal and recruitment.

If you have not already renewed, please do so as soon as you read this. If you have renewed, THANK YOU! Spread the word to your co-workers and encourage lapsed members to renew. Reach out to the students in your state and invite them to become members in the premier laboratory professionals’ organization. Membership in and support of your professional organization is the culmination of all of the hard work involved in entering this profession. You’ve earned your degree, made it through your clinical rotations, passed your certification exam, obtained licensure (where applicable), and now is the final step that defines you as a professional. ASCLS is YOUR professional organization; ASCLS is a grassroots organization that provides each one of you a VOICE in what happens in your workplace and beyond. ASCLS fights for you on Capitol Hill, representing your VOICE, representing your concerns, your struggles, and watchdogging actions that will directly affect you and your loved ones. Your membership dollars are what make this possible. The more members we have, the louder our VOICE! I’ve heard it said over and over that we don’t get recognition for what we do; that nurses get paid more than we do; that nobody knows who we are. One reason that our voice is quieter than the other health care professionals is that we are splintered among several laboratory professional organizations due to the many specialties within our field. If we could all come together and support the one organization that represents all laboratory professionals (not just pathologists, not just Blood-Bankers, not just Hematologists, not just Microbiologists, not just Chemists, etc. etc. etc.) imagine how LOUD our VOICE would be! Promote yourself, promote your profession, and make your voice heard loud and clear!

Our five states in Region VIII are the best states in the country! We have incredible leaders in our states and so many opportunities to get involved. If you want to be a part of your Society’s leadership; if you want to be a part of planning meetings and conferences; if you want to hone your leadership skills, this is where you can do just that. Don’t hesitate to contact your State President to volunteer for these opportunities. You can also contact me and I’m happy to connect you with the right person to get you on board. Membership questions? Contact Franciszka Wriborg, Region VIII Membership Chair!

I hope you all have a wonderful Fall season with ASCLS at the top of your to-do list!


Holly Weinberg, Region VIII Director,

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