Meet the President-Elect

 Kami “The Pre-Prez” McGann

Hey!  My name is Kami McGann and I am so excited to be serving on the ASCLS-Idaho Board as President-Elect.

Since graduating from the ISU MLS program, I’ve been an MLS for 13 years. Presently, I work at a Critical Access hospital in rural Idaho and love my job. I’ve been an active member of ASCLS for 13 years. As a member of ASCLS-Idaho, I’ve enjoyed our Spring Conventions, IMSS and ASCLS National Meeting. This year, it’s will be my pleasure to serve as an ASCLS-Idaho Board Member.  As a direct product of ASCLS-Idaho’s investment and commitment to the students of the ISU MLS program, I will continue being involved in the organization that was instrumental in making my fulfilling career possible.

My favorite things outside the lab include my boys, coffee, running, teaching, crafts, and bow hunting with my husband. My pet-peeve in the lab is eye make-up on the scope!  Drop me a line and we can vent about this together!


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